Performance History with Happy Customers

Performance History

Our track record stands for itself. We have proven experience with procurement projects large and small.  Here are some examples of our track record to show you the power of outstanding customer service, our consultative nature, responsiveness, and striving to deliver the best products at the lowest price.

Dept of Corrections & Rehab

(Performed 320 contracts for $3.4M) Built out offices and computers for inmate rehabilitation centers. Outfitted 10 kitchens with new appliances, and portable food delivery carts for inmate service. Set up skills-training libraries for continuing education and certification at 15 institutions. Delivered auto parts, building materials and education materials for skills training at 15 facilities. Supplied cleaning and sanitation tools for facilities. Delivered custom windows for five staff housing units. Supplied COVID refrigeration supplies for five facilities.


Dept of General Services

(125 contracts for $357K) Delivered COVID hygiene supplies, office supplies, window coverings and varied maintenance supplies creating a safe workspace for essential workers. Supplied machine parts for state publishing department.​


Department of State Hospitals

(40 contracts for $156K) Created patient media library. Installed custom window coverings and created ergonomic workspaces for offices. ​


Military Department

(26 contracts for $132K) Supplied 2-in-1 tablets for 15 field agents. Installed custom window coverings. Provided targets and range gear for Camp Roberts.​


Dept of Veterans Affairs

(41 contracts for $103K) Supplied cemetery flags. Updated offices with custom window coverings and supplies. Sourced building maintenance supplies for disabled veteran housing.​


Franchise Tax Board

(9 for $92K) Delivered electric cart, and solar lighting for facility security. Supplied Dell parts for conferencing center. Custom window coverings.


Dept of the CA Highway Patrol

(5 for $29K) Sourced crime scene tape, lithium battery packs, and lighting for emergency responders.


Dept of Child Support Services

(36 for $25K) Purchased photography and video equipment for agent visit documentation. Upgraded the Sacramento office with supplies and sanitation necessities. Sourced ergonomic office desks and equipment for new home office stations.


Exposition Park – Cal Science Center

(5 for $22K) Supplied offices with tactical lighting, custom window coverings, and finish-molding.


Department of Fish & Wildlife

(4 for $14K) Sourced and delivered custom Jon Boat and trailer, and Big Tex utility trailers for Fairfield facility.


Secretary of State

(1 for $10K) Created custom wood shop for SOS office.


Office of Emergency Services

(3 for $7K) Sourced and delivered specialized field safety equipment used in emergency situation management.