Industry Segments Drive Procurement Offerings

Food Service

Need to feed large crowds? We have solutions. Heated food carts, drying racks, commercial food processors, mixers, griddles, and more. We have all of the items that make your life easier and more efficient.

Sustainability Systems

Promoting new sustainability products to satisfy the new green initiatives and the food waste
diversion mandates. Air sanitizers, food-waste dehydrators, foam-waste reduction and trash
compactors, all made in the USA.

Office Supplies and Computers

Need to create the perfect office space or work-from-home space? We can help you build out and stock your office, build a library and re-training center or personal technology and handsfree tools.

Janitorial / MRO’s

Everyone likes a clean environment; let us help you get that sparkle and shine to a whole new level. Floor cleaning machines, cleaning chemicals, paper products we are your go-to for those necessities of life.

Security and Outdoor Equipment

Crime scene tape, lithium battery packs, and lighting for emergency responders. We’ve sourced and delivered custom Jon Boat and trailer, and Big Tex utility trailers.

Plumbing Supplies

From fixtures to faucets, gaskets to gas lines, pipelines to plumbing valves we have thousands of parts and pieces for all of your plumbing needs.

Medical and Laboratory Supplies

If you’re in need of beakers, scales, microscopes we have those….and even have a centrifuge or two! We can supply gloves, PPE, and COVID-19 supplies.

Elevators and Conveyance

We have a certified mechanic on staff who can consult, inspect, or supply parts for elevator and conveyance systems.

Lighting / Electrical

Lighting is essential in every workplace. From start to finish we have it all. Wires, fuses, cords, bulbs, fixtures anything to make your day brighter.

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